Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ellie's Birthday

Here are some pictures from Ellie's birthday party a couple weeks ago.

I know, I know, long time between posts.

Well, we are currently in Dallas, Texas, at Christ For the Nations.

Busy busy. So I think I'm doing pretty well, considering.

As guests arrived, they wrote in a small book some advice or encouragement for Ellie's tenth year.

I put the book in a small suitcase with a note,
"Please write a note to the birthday girl. Thank you!"

Guests served themselves from the snack table using these cones I made from scrapbook paper, twine, and hot glue.

Drinks were served from a BIG Mason jar in little Mason jars.

I set up a photo booth on on end of the playroom.
I got these blackboard birds on a string at World Market, and wrote "P H O T O" on them.
Cute, right?

Some of the photobooth backdrop. Paper flowers with buttons, paper birds, and hearts strung on twine.

With the girls.
(They had an old trunk with boas, aprons, beads and dresses to choose from, and an old hat box with hats I've collected from the 30's 40's, etc.)

Silly pose.

Me, Nichole, & Teresa. I love these ladies!
Ellie's little cousins.
Each girl made her own flower headband using fabric scraps, lace, buttons, and a hot glue gun (which I operated, I'm aware burnt fingers are a sure fire way to get branded worst birthday party ever!).
Ellie's Papa (Biker Man's dad) placed a prayer shawl over her and prayed a blessing for her birthday, as we all gathered around in agreement.

Then we released balloons with glow bracelets inside them.
It's really hard to see here, but they looked pretty cool.
I think next time, we'll use fatter glow sticks, rather than the skinny bracelets.

Drummer Boy helped her open gifts.
Even when she wasn't asking for his help.
He's sweet that way.
And that's pretty much it!
Ellie's friend, Katy, stayed the night because as a fellow homeschooler, she was the only one who could take off Monday.
I set up a tent in the living room with twinkle lights, and they camped out there.
obviously, I had the flash on, but, you get the idea.

Happy Birthday, Ellie girl!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm not going to lie, I've got butterflies.

Okay. Most of you know we started a non-profit, No Compromise International, back in September.

We are overwhelmed by the support and encouragement we have received in our start up process.
For real. Overwhelmed.

Back in September, our worship pastor, Coy Watson (prolific and insanely gifted songwriter) approached me about doing a night of worship to raise awareness about NCI, and take up a love offering during the event.

Well, that night is tonight.

I've led multiple times.
I've taught on worship, and the heart of a worshiper.
But tonight Biker Man and I are presenting to our home church the vision God has given us.
(Well, Biker Man is. He's the one speaking before the love offering. I'm just worshiping and inviting others to do the same.)
This is the call God laid on my husband's heart when we got home last summer.
He had a burning bush experience with the Almighty.
And our family will never be the same.

(Did I mention he just got back Saturday night from Kenya?
He was there for 10 days with the team from Crossroads and our wonderful pastor, Jeff Ables.
I will be posting pictures of that trip soon.)

But back to this evening...
Pray for us.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to grip hearts.
For the conviction and love of God to change lives.
For us to only say what God wants us to say.