Saturday, May 19, 2012


Okay, so we were in Australia for five, yes, five weeks.  It was an amazing, exhilarating, fulfilling and somewhat life altering experience. 

We were privileged to see lives restored to their original purpose in Christ, hearts mended, minds renewed, and people brought into right relationship with Jesus. 


Biker Man preached.
He brought the Word.
It was awesome.

One message he gave was called “How To Be A Failure In Ministry.”
I could see some individuals scratching their heads, until he explained that to most Christians and the Church today, Jesus’ ministry would not be considered successful.  He picked His disciples in their workplace.  None of them were chosen by their local rabbi to pursue further ministry study at the synagogue, they were told to go back home and pursue their father’s trade.
Jesus had to, on more than one occasion, bring correction to his followers for lack of faith.  
Jesus’ disciples all forsook Him in His deepest hour of need, one betrayed Him, another denied Him, and they all went into hiding after His death.
Yet, He is the Model we are to follow.
After His resurrection and ascension, Jesus sent them the Holy Spirit, and His disciples became the world changers He called them to be.
True discipleship.  Living out our faith for others to follow.  Lovingly bringing correction where it’s needed.  Giving of ourselves again and again, willingly and freely.  Pouring out the water on dusty feet, even the ones who will leave and betray us.
Because it was never about Him.  Jesus told the ones He healed, “Tell no one, but go and show yourself to the priest.”
Why?  Most ministries today would proclaim, “Check it out!!  Healing ministry taking place!!  Come and get it!!”  (Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but you get what I’m saying.)
(and this was the part Biker Man drove home)
Jesus’ ministry on earth was never about bringing glory to Himself.  Jesus was always pointing the people to His Father.  Jesus wasn’t glorified until after He was raised from the dead!
And it’s not until we are crucified with Christ and raised to new life in Him that our lives can in any way bring glory to the Father.  We live for Christ, to bring others into relationship with Him, and build His kingdom.  Not to build a “mini kingdom” of our own.

That’s not the entire message, but it’s in a nutshell what was preached.
Really good, right?
I loved it.

So now we’re back in the good ol’ US of A.  It’s great to be home.
Except it has taken over a week to get our clocks back on USA time.
Australia is 16 hours ahead.  Sixteen.
For a few nights, Ellie and Drummer Boy would be wide awake at three am.  Hungry.  Really.  Hungry.
Because it was six pm in Australia.  Dinner time.
“Well, it’s not dinner time right now,” I would calmly and deliriously explain, with one eye peering at them.
“But mom! We can’t sleep!  It could be a bedtime snack!” 
“GO.  TO.  SLEEP.  NOW.”  (Waaaayyyy easier said than done.)

Those nights are behind us now.
Thank you so much for praying for us as we traveled.  We are so grateful to be part of such a wonderful family like Crossroads, and an even bigger family of believers like you!  Thank you for keeping us held up in prayer!  More testimonies to come, sooner than later, I promise.