Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We thoroughly enjoyed having Tanya and Sergii come to stay. Our kids were influenced somewhat by the Australian company, as it seemed to creep into their speech. "Mum, I want to go fuusst!" said my daughter, apparently unaware she sounded as Aussie as they come.

It was a blast. Here are some pictures of the Susidko's visit.
The Susidkos

At Jungle Gardens on Avery Island, Susidko and Campbell children

Elijah and Annasophia

At the Tabasco plant, Avery Island

Elijah, Annasophia, & Nikita

The lovely Annasophia

Tanya and her daughter

On another note, we have been traveling since June 18th, working our way from Mobile, Alabama, to Charlotte, North Carolina, and now we are in the mountains of Greeneville, Tennessee. Blogger was not cooperating last week during the five minutes of internet service I had.

We have seen some amazing times of prayer and worship. I love getting into God's presence with other worshipers! I will post more soon. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to be a voice of God's love to His body.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've been BUSY. Really, really busy.

Of course, there's the XMC stuff, with graduation coming up, I want the worship and music to be perfect. Practice, practice, practice.

But I've been unusually busy at home too.

We closed in our garage last year, to make our two bedroom house a three bedroom.

It's just now getting finished.

The motivation for this sudden burst of renovation exertion?

My best friend from high school is coming to see me.

And her husband. And their three wonderful children. All the way from the Ukraine, where they are missionaries.

I haven't seen Tanya (that's her name, by the way) in about fifteen years.

Fifteen. Years.

Tanya is originally from Australia, where I went to high school. I graduated with two other students. I was in the top three of my class. (You'll catch it later, I promise.)

Anyway. We realized, when Tanya announced their plans to come over, we had nowhere to put them. Hence, the re-starting of the renovation.

I'm so glad it's finally getting done. I'm so tired of getting it done.

The point is, I've been too busy to blog. And I figured a renovation might be a tad too boring to blog about. But there it is.

I'll try and post some high school pictures of Tanya and myself at some point soon.