Sunday, March 30, 2014

The King's Daughter

I've been studying this subject for the past year and a half.

Since the last time I came to Romania.

When God completely wrecked me.

I had accompanied my friends Nichole, Teresa, and Autumn to help out at a women's conference here, and the second night of our stay, we were invited to a prayer meeting.

I found a spot on the floor (the room was packed) and proceeded to start petitioning God for the people of Romania, women attending the conference, open doors during our stay... you know, what I thought God wanted me to pray.

Boy, was I unprepared for what happened next.

God spoke to me in such a sweet, tender way.

I am so proud of you.
So proud to call you Daughter.
If you couldn't sing or play or write, I would still take pride in you.
I would delight in you.

Now, I know God's love for me doesn't hinge on my abilities.

I tell my students in worship institute to not judge God's use of their giftings on stage as criteria of His approval of them.

But it hit me in a new way, and rocked my world.

What would have otherwise been a routine missions trip turned into every day seeing the world through the eyes of awe, humility, compassion, and newfound joy in being validated as a chosen Daughter of the King.

I cried.  
A lot.

When I got back to the States, I talked to my friend, Sarah, about my experiences in Romania.
She very matter of factly summed it up for me.
"Kari, I think God delights in freaking us out. Because it's all about relationship for Him.  Everything is about His relationship with us.  God had to get you out of your routine and environment to a place where you could hear Him speak to you in a new way."

(I love that girl.)

It started me on a journey of listening and learning WHOSE I am.

Who He says I am.

The above verse states that the daughter of the King is all glorious within.
His glory resides within me.
Within me He dwells.
When I discover His glory, simply being in His presence, I cannot do anything other than receive all of Him.
In His glory I am undone.
In His glory I am moved to worship Him.

So I will be adding to this in the days to come, snippets of this teaching God is giving me.

This is a song that was sort of a theme song for my students last year. 

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading.