Thursday, January 2, 2014

No Substitute

There is no substitute for these amazing world changers surrounding me.

My investment in them is immeasurable.

We have laughed until we can't breathe at inside jokes.

We have cried as loss, casually and indiscriminately, takes someone from our lives.

We have hurled words of anger in the heat of the moment, out loud, or under our breath.

We have taken back those same words in repentant realization that we didn't mean it, that nothing is worth hurting those you are closest to.

We have watched in wonder as one of us grows closer to Jesus through sacrifice and prayer.

No one can replace the fiercely loyal and joyously abandoned love we have for each other.

We have traversed miles upon miles over mountains, deserts, snowy plains, and beaches....

Around the globe, hearing various languages, seeing different nationalities.

We have worshiped with brothers and sisters we didn't know we had, until we met...with only Christ as our common denominator.

I'm so very thankful to begin yet another year with my family at my side.

And I'm on their side.

As we are on the Lord's side.

Doing life together.

Until God calls us Home.